About Me

I decided to write an About Me page because I like my narcissism with a side of self-indulgence.

I like to run...a lot. I have three amazing kids who I write about frequently, and an awesome wife who watches the kids as I accumulate miles and races. She runs, too.

I like to write, and I'd eventually like to write a book, but for now these 1,000 (give or take a hundred) word posts will have to do. I'm still trying to figure out something to write about that doesn't involve running. I used to love to surf, but I don't have much time for that anymore. I used to be pretty serious about martial arts and I have a 3rd degree black belt, but I also don't have time for that. Basically, with trying to be a good dad, a good husband, and a good provider, I have time for one extracurricular activity, which happens to be trail running. That, and growing beards.

These are the posts I'm most proud of:

Life is Going to Kill You
On Inconsistency
Trail Therapy
I Love Running
For My Daughter
Rediscovering Joy
This is Why
Shit Ultrarunners Say

These are my favorite runs and/or races:

John Muir Trail
San Dieguito Half Marathon
Grand Canyon R2R2R
Zion Traverse
Death Valley Marathon
Lost Boys 50 Miler
Canadian Death Race


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