Streaking - Run Number 100 with Pictures

Today my running streak reached 100.  I entered this challenge back in December to give me a little motivation to train through the winter.  I was coming off an Ironman in November and I really just wanted to put the bike in the garage to collect its winter dust, cut up my membership card to the Y pool, and hit the trails.  I missed running, I missed going to a race without an equipment bag, I missed hairy legs, I missed running for the sake of running.  I missed running as a primary workout not tacked on to the end of a bike or after a swim.  So, I joined the 100 runs in 100 days challenge (ironically on a triathlon site), and figured it would help keep me motivated to run through the winter.

Running consistently has helped me get stronger, run injury free and run more efficiently.  Before this challenge when I wasn't running every day, it would take me a few miles to warm up, feel good, and work out all the kinks.  During this challenge I noticed that I would hit the trails feeling good, my body was used to the motion and it didn't take any time to warm up.  With a few exceptions, most of my runs felt good, I set a couple of PRs and have had no injuries (tap, tap, tap on this Ikea almost-wood) during the course of the challenge.  The best part of the challenge was that I was forced to explore a lot of new trails because I quickly became bored with all my normal routes.

Here are a few stats:

Date started: 12/15/09
Date finished: 3/23/10
Doubles (2 runs in 1 day): 1
Distance covered: 544.13 miles
Time: 78 hours, 12 minutes
Avg. pace: 8.6 minutes per mile
Shortest run: 3 miles
Fastest run: 5k at 6 minute per mile pace
Longest run: 26.2 miles - Catalina Marathon
Slowest run: 3 miles in 30 minutes (day after Catalina Marathon)
Favorite runs: nighttime trail runs in Encinitas, running fast around Lake Miramar with Jeff, Chris, Oscar and Jon, wet and windy Saturday long runs with the running group that always ended up at The Pannikin for muffins and coffee, puking at the Catalina Marathon, muddy trail runs in the pouring rain while running downhill sliding and laughing like a crazy person.
Number of treadmill runs: 1
Most boring run: See above
Number of bike rides: 0
Number of swim workouts: 1
Percent of total distance on trails: 91.764% (approximately)
Best post-run snack: My chocolate banana milkshake

Today, for my 100th run, I wanted to go slow and take some pictures of my favorite trails, so here it is...spring in San Elijo Hills.

My two favorite pairs of trail shoes (my wife is going to kill me for putting these in her plants)

What's next?  I say we all go streaking

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