Being a macho alpha-male, I am forced to watch shows like "Glee" and "So You Think You Can Dance" to keep my testosterone levels in check.  In fact, just in case I miss them, I have them on Tivo so I can quickly dial them up if I get the urge to eat some raw meat or run naked with the coyotes that keep snatching the local cats.

So I was watching SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Get Away With Telling Your Friends You Only Watch This Because Your Wife and Daughter Are Into It), and they conclude the finale with J-Lo singing a song called "Louboutins," and I had a bunch of questions for my wife like, "what are Louboutins?" and "what is this triathlete doing in a giant shoe?" and "please don't change it because she might fall again."  The last one wasn't really a question, more of a desire and the sole reason I will sit through Olympic ice skating or gymnastics.

My wife explains that Louboutins are shoes and they are red on the bottom and cost more than I could spend on a used car that actually runs.  So I ranted.  Stuff like this is really stupid.  And, can you believe how stupid this song is.  And, stupid people must be watching this show.  And, really, really?  But, then I realized that I was being overly critical because I, too, am slightly obsessed with shoes.

I have been running in Adidas Adizero XT trail shoes, but they recently changed their design which is what shoe companies do in the name of innovation and profits.  I used to run in New Balance 790s, but they discontinued these about a year ago.  The 790s felt like slippers, they were so lightweight and comfortable, but I guess they weren't for everyone because they didn't offer any support, but I never had a problem with this.  I loved the New Balance 790s and still have a few old pairs that I wear around, but the traction is nearly gone, so they are a little too slippery on the trails.  New Balance just introduced a new ultra-lightweight trail runner, the New Balance 100, which weighs in at a whopping 290 grams and feels a lot like the old 790s.  Supposedly, this guy helped develop the 100s, and he knows a few things about running long.  I ordered them online and looked forward to trying them out.  I have been a little obsessed with these new shoes, tracking the package daily on UPS, and when they arrived yesterday I opened the package, took a deep breath in of shoe rubber and told everyone to hold them and feel how light they were.  My son loved them because he loves orange and they are orange for now.  I almost felt like finding a giant version of the New Balance 100s, climbing on top of them and belting out a vapid pop song in their honor.

I always love starting a run in new trail shoes and today was a perfect day for the trails.  A little chilly, but sunny and I was running with a couple of trail-running friends and a beautiful dog who loves the hills  We ran the trails around the La Costa Preserve.  It starts with a nice, long and steep climb that peaks with an amazing 360 degree view of North County San Diego.  It was a clear day and we could see snow-covered mountains to the East and San Clemente Island to the West.  At the top we ran into a guy driving golf balls off the cliff and another weathered hiker who pointed out all the local peaks and their elevations.  The shoes were perfect for the distance and gripped the rocky trails.  The only problem with them is that there is a rubber collar-type piece that goes around the ankle and rubbed my Achilles tendon raw because my socks weren't long enough.  But, it's fashion, and pain is all a part of looking fabulous.

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