Sunday Run at Mt. Laguna (With Pictures and Video)

I had a great run on Sunday. I spent most of it with Ralph, Chris (who just peeled off a sub 2:50 marathon and took it easy on us), and John (whose butt has been featured in such classics as New Year's Day Elfin Forest Trail Run and Iron Mountain Thanksgiving Day Trail Run). It was a warm day and most of the recent snow had melted, although there were a couple of icy sections, and it was a strange feeling to run on ice and snow on a sunny, 75 degree day. We did about 12 miles, most of it between 5,000 and 6,000 feet. We ran from Sunrise Highway to the Laguna Meadow and out onto the PCT. The views from this section are spectacular and reminded me why I need to get out to the mountains more often, it cleanses the soul.

There is snow in San Diego, and if you look close you can see my yellowish initials (my 5-year old son would be proud)

Spring water at the top of Noble Canyon trail

Chris trying to convince us to keep going up (he was overruled)

Thanks to Mick from Movin Shoes for organizing the run. It was a near-perfect day and a good reminder of how out of shape I have become over the holidays.

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  1. Very jealous Fax. Most of our trails here in OC Regional Parks are still closed due to storm damage. I'm hearing that they will continue to be until possibly mid March. Yikes!


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