21 Day Cleanse Update -- Day 3

Well, I've been off meat, sugar, gluten, caffeine and alcohol for 3 days now, and the changes have been amazing. I have tons of energy, the sex has been amazing, I ran track yesterday morning and set my mile PR doing mile repeats, and I rarely pass gas, but when I do, it smells like a mixture of baby powder and freshly picked lavender.

Just kidding, but I have been shitting...a lot.

I've had a 3-day headache, the energy has really dipped, especially during the above-mentioned track workout where I was lapped a couple of times during mile repeats. As for the sex, my wife has been "busy" catching up on old Walking Dead episodes (and with the way I've felt over the last couple of days, I kind of expect to hear "we've got a walker" followed by a Daryl-launched arrow through my eye-socket).

I know, this is just the detox period and my body is getting rid of toxins, blah, blah, blah, go ahead and write that in the comments. I dare you.

Here is a journal of what I have been eating.

Day 1:
Lunch: kitchen sink salad with sprouts, beets, carrots, chickpeas and avocados
Dinner: homemade sopes (it's like a big, thick corn tortilla cake) with refried beans, and guacamole

Day 2:
Breakfast: oatmeal with crushed almonds and dates
Lunch: kale, ginger, and sesame rice bowl at Native Foods with a hot date
Dinner: baghali polo (Persian dish with rice, lima beans, and dill with saffron carrots and onions on top)

Day 3:
Breakfast: Kind granola with almond milk
Lunch: Chickpea Indian curry over brown rice (this was really good, bought from Sprouts)

Snacks: USANA's Go Nuts n Berries Bar (these have saved me), post-run shake (almond milk, bananas, chia seeds, and cacao nibs), Inka corn nuts, and chips and salsa.

It's not really that bad. I'm starting to feel normal, my energy has come back, and the food has actually been good, although I detected a tear fall from my wife's eyes as she served the Persian dish without any meat. Luckily, she decided to join me on the 3-week cleanse; I just feel sorry for our kids.

Thanks for reading.

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