A New Year

I just got back from a beautiful run. An ideal run. I went out by myself, hit a singletrack, connected to the back side of Double Peak, climbed up to the telescope where I spent some time picking out the local peaks. I wasn't planning on writing a re-cap of the year...always look forward, never dwell in the past. But as I stood up there, picking out San Gorgonio and San Jacinto, and reminiscing on the time I spent running out there, thoughts leading to Ben, and my heart filled with thanks. I decided to revisit some of this year's posts, mainly so I can remember and appreciate these special moments, and to try to not perpetually focus on what's coming up next.

These were my most memorable running moments of 2012:

Zion Traverse

Joshua Tree

SD 100

SEH Marathon

With my wife in Alta

8,000 M Challenge (Baldy, San Gorgonio, and San Jacinto)

San Bernardino 9-Peak Traverse

Cuyamaca 100K

Running with Sharlie at the Lake Hodges 5K

Zoom Loco Annual Field Trip -- Grand Canyon

5th Annual New Year's Day "No Puking on the Trail" Run/Hike

With any luck, this year will end the same way it began, sharing the trails with good friends and family.

As I look back at the past year, I realize that my most memorable moments on the trail didn't have anything to do with competing in races, but they were spent on the trails with friends, on adventures that we concocted on training runs, and this gives me direction for the coming year(s).

I enjoy running, it makes me happy, and when I enjoy running, I run well. So, that is my goal going forward, to continue to enjoy running. For me, this means consistent running for a base level of fitness that will allow me to jump into things that sound like fun, without having to worry about if I will have the stamina to complete the challenge. What that does not mean, for me, is tracking every mile, setting time and pace goals, logging every beat of my heart, and spending time at the gym working on my core. While this may work (and is actually fun) for some, it definitely does not work for me. I've been going naked wrist for most of my runs and I find it so much more enjoyable. This outlook also allows me much more flexibility and time to spend with my family, which is more important to me than my running.

I also need to realize that everyone finds enjoyment in different ways, as a good friend recently told me as I was making fun of triathletes, most of them are just out there trying to enjoy themselves, and if that means buying titanium bolts for their carbon water bottle cages, then so be it. Others take months off of running to pursue other activities like rock climbing or male modeling. If that works for them and helps them enjoy the time they spend running more, then that's great (but I still reserve the right to curse them under my breath because they're still in better shape than me after months off).

So, this year, like years past, I'm not setting any huge goals, but I do have some fun adventures planned, and I hope to be able to jump into others if the opportunity presents itself. These are my main races and trips that I have planned:

Cardiff Kook 10K
Joshua Tree Traverse
Miwok 100K
Zoom Loco Annual Field Trip -- Zion
San Elijo Hills Double Marathon
Lake Tahoe 50K
Kalalau Trail
John Muir Trail
The Bear 100

I have also been asked by my good friend, Paul Jesse, to be part of the Off Road Pursuits Endurance Team. Paul puts on some great local races and I'm excited to be part of this group and to be able to jump into his races when I can.

Thanks for reading. I hope you all have a great year, and enjoy your journey.


  1. It's been an honor to be a part of so many of these great adventures this year. I can't wait to add to the list in 2013!

  2. Totally OK to make fun of triathletes.

  3. I think it's great that you take the time to enjoy running and turn it into an adventure. Many runners forget that while running requires hard work, it could be fun too especially when you vary the scenery and run with friends or family. I look forward to reading about this year's adventures!


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