San Jacinto and San Gorgonio

I haven't had the urge to write much lately. I'm hoping it's just a slow patch, or maybe I'm just not doing enough cool stuff. So, this post is mostly pictures of the last two weekends.

On Father's Day I decided that San Diego was just a little too chilly at 70 degrees, so we decided to head to Palm Springs for an overnight trip. It was 112 in town. We took the tram up to Mt. San Jacinto and while the kids hiked, I took off on a trail run. The weather up top was 65 and the trails are beautiful up there. If you're ever in the area and have a chance to ride the tram, don't pass it up. Especially if you have kids. That ride is better than anything at Disneyland. The family hiked while I ran for about an hour and wished I had given myself enough time to reach the summit, but I told my wife I'd be back in an hour and I didn't want to run into any Search and Rescue operations on the run back down. I made it a little past Round Valley Campground before I reluctantly made the turn.

Last weekend Sanam and I joined Jess and Nata (you may remember them from such hits as Cactus to Clouds) for a climb up to the top of Mt. San Gorgonio. It was another beautiful day and we all made the trip to the top of Southern California's highest peak (11,500 feet). The women led the way and it was nice to not have to hike behind Jess for a change.

Sanam and I have talked for years (ten to be exact) about being able to run together again, and we took full advantage of some of the runnable descents to smile, stumble and run down the mountain together. Our kids are getting to the age where we can leave them with a sitter and spend the day frolicking naked running in the mountains together. I hope that they appreciate this now, because very soon we'll be dragging them on these running adventures whether they like it or not.

Overall, it was a good couple of weeks of mountain training and I'm looking forward to another attempt of the 8,000 Meter Challenge (Baldy, San Jacinto and San Gorgonio in the same day) next month. I also signed up for the Cuyamaca 100K in October and I'm really excited to get back out to the Cuyamaca and Laguna Mountains to train. I see some more family day-trips in our future.

Breakfast of Champions

Riding the tram to the top

Stupid happy trail face

My tree-hugger

Beginning of the Gorgonio ascent

Running down with my wife

Seriously, the best Mexican food ever except for Mexico, but I wasn't hiking up mountains there, so this probably tops even Mexico Mexican food from Mexicans.
Thanks for reading.

Bonus picture: a shot I took on our Joshua Tree trip made it into this month's Trail Runner Magazine. I love that magazine.


  1. Wow, I love the pictures! I see a nice hike next time we're out in that neck of the woods. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Shannon. Definitely check it out...beautiful hiking trails. San Jacinto is more easily accessible than San Gorgonio.

  2. Great post. I just started taking our kids out on runs. My daughter 10 just asked last week to take her on her first trail run. I did not even have to ask. Pretty sweet feeling that my running is rubbing off on the family. My wife and I just started trail running together once a week. It is a much slower pace for me but I am smiling the entire way.

  3. Dax,
    I hit you up on the ultra list a couple months ago about moving to San Diego...I've lost access to that email account, and so I don't have our email exchanges anymore, but I wanted to get in touch with you. I'm in San Diego now (just moved in on Saturday) - on the mend from some running injuries but hopefully en route to normal running again. I'm definitely interested in exploring the trails around here, any group runs or races you know of, etc. If you don't mind, could you shoot me an email at my new address -

    The pictures look great!
    Mike McMonagle

  4. Really? Im kinda jelous of your pictures... Can I say that? Cuz I truly am :) I guess next time I head to Runyon Canyon I need to snap a couple flicks hu? Im to busy gasping for air.. Thanks for the advice for my ultra.. I will take all and any advice I can get! P.S> rad mexican food- if you ever have buisness in Long Beach Hole Mole.

  5. I might be up for the 8000M challenge in between Tahoe Rim Trail & Wasatch. Or Mexican food for sure!

    Gotta RUN,


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