ooshirts.com Review and Pictures

ooshirts.com contacted me about a month ago and offered me some free custom shirts for the blog, and since the main purpose of this blog is money, fame, and free stuff, I didn't have to think twice before saying yes.

Their design process is very simple and done over the internets. You can upload pictures, add text, and choose a layout online, which is just my style because the less interaction I have with real live people, the better. Actually, their customer service was awesome. I got a call from Soren at ooshirts and he said that the design I created wouldn't work with the shirt that I had chosen. I guess the design I picked was too big or something...I tried to be as subtle as possible by choosing orange on black and their font size only went up to 100, so I just added an extra zero at the end and requested "super bold" for the font style. Soren recommended a thinner cotton shirt, and I loved it. So did my wife. She claimed the one that I was going to give away, so blame her.

Here are some pictures (for no other reason than I like to show off my smoking hot wife).

We grew up in the 80s so we modify our own clothes (just like Samantha Micelli did) 

In case you can't read this because the font size is too small, it reads "RUN DIRTY"
Thanks for reading, and check out ooshirts.com for any custom shirt needs.


  1. Somewhat disappointing they couldn’t do the 1000 point font, but still legible, so that’s good.

  2. Happy Boogedy Birthday Sanam. Love you.

  3. I think this link says it all about OOShirts.

    1. I had great customer service from them, but it looks like there have been a few complaints.


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