Outrunning CF at Daley Ranch

I had a great run at Daley Ranch on Saturday. These trails are some of my favorites, mostly because they are so close. I can drive about 20 minutes, pass through the ugly sprawl of Escondido, turn a couple of corners and wind up at Daley Ranch and 30 or so miles of trails with some good climbs, great views, hidden ponds, and a good mix of wide trails and some fun singletrack sections.

This run was special because of the people who showed up to support the fight to cure Cystic Fibrosis. I want to let those people know how much I appreciate them. I have met so many great people through running, which is kind of funny, because one of the things that drew me to running, and one of the things that I still love about running, is the quiet, solitary time I am able to spend on the trail. Although I enjoy the quiet miles, I really appreciate the friendships and connections that I have made with so many great people.

Saturday we joined hundreds of others across the country to Outrun CF. It was a perfect morning on the trails, and I want to thank Isaac and his two children (who will soon be outrunning all of us), Christine, Beth, Chad, Trisha, Jeff, Chris, Andrea, Kim, and everyone else who supported the Outrun CF event.

Also, I'm giving away the new book, You Are An Ironman at the end of this week. You can enter here.

Thanks for reading.

Here are some pictures from our Outrun CF run.


  1. The trail looks awesome. Love the view in the last pic!

  2. It's always fun to have good company while running or doing a trek.

  3. Looks so beautiful - and to be so close to home must be a great bonus :)

    Hope the fundraising/awareness is going well.


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