Out Run CF Virtual Race -- Fall Edition

The Out Run CF Virtual Race is happening again. The first one was a huge success in raising money for Cystic Fibrosis, and if you want to be involved in the second one, here is the link to register. It's a $25 donation. You choose the distance and the location, and you get a great shirt. Send me a picture of you in your Out Run CF race shirt and I'll even post it on my blog...tens of people may see it. I'll also match your donation, so make sure to send me (you can email them to daxjross@gmail.com) those pictures. If you're in the San Diego area, we'll be doing a group trail run in Daley Ranch on October 1st, so come out and join us. Please share this; it's a great cause.

I have written about my sister Sharlie in previous posts. She is in need of a double lung transplant, and we recently learned that due to her collapsed lung and the shifting of her organs, especially her heart, she will need a double lung and heart transplant. This was very difficult news to take, but Sharlie remains positive and determined. She is now looking at other hospitals and organ transfer programs that will perform a heart and lung transplant.

Sharlie makes me want to be a better person. She is that rare person that brings out the best in everyone around her. The outpouring of love and support for Sharlie's cause has been overwhelming and our family is so thankful and blessed. Saturday, after a family hike, we all drove to Sharlie's neighborhood where some girls from her church set up a lemonade stand to raise money for Shar. There have also been a number of family friends who have set up fundraising sites for Sharlie including a group that recently summited Mt. Whitney and a group that is running the St. George Marathon. You can follow Sharlie's journey here.

We had family in town last week, so not a lot of running was done. I got out for a couple 5 milers, and did some interval training on the bike, but most of my time was spent with family. This is probably for the best, because I still feel the Canadian Death Race in my legs, and the break from heavy mileage felt good. It was a great week and the family time was quality. We spent the week at the pool, the beach, camping, grilling, paddle-boarding, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and riding water slides. Here are a couple pictures.

There was even some time for video games

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  1. Thank you for everything, especially being the kind of brother you are. I love you Dax.


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