Circle of Life

The hummingbird eggs are gone, and so is the mom. Circle of life, and all of that, but I'm still pretty bummed about it. Way more bummed than I should be.

I have been training hard, and busy working this week, so not much time for writing. I was doing core work the other day, including pistol squats to exhaustion and during the last few reps, I was trying desperately to support my body on one leg, and failing, looking like Molly Ringwald dancing in The Breakfast Club all shaky headed and 80s spasticity. Then, I thought about creating an 80s teen movie inspired workout regimen complete with holding the ghetto blaster pumping out the smooth stylings of Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes up over your head until you just can't take it anymore (the song, not the pain in the arms), mixing in some kickboxing ("ever hear of kickboxing, the sport of the future?"), and finishing it off with the Can't Buy Me Love African Anteater Ritual.

I've also been doing 400 repeats down on the Batiquitos Lagoon Trail during the heatwave. I haven't done intervals in a long time, and I tried really hard to push the first couple, and was disappointed with not hitting the times I was supposed to. I realized I was really trying to force the pace and was running with a lot of tension, I could feel it especially in my face and shoulders. So, I decided to relax and focus on a fast leg turnover and trying to run smooth and soft. It worked and I ran faster than I was supposed to, and it felt good.

Tomorrow I'm off to the mountains for 20+ miles on the trails.

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