Volume to 11

Next time I write "time for some hurt," I'll have to remind myself that Lucho reads this blog from time to time. This week, he brought the hurt. I've been too busy running this week to make time to write about running. Today is my second straight day of doubles (running twice a day). Today is 8 miles AM, then 4 miles PM. Tomorrow I'm running The Warrior Dash with my wife and two brothers. Then a long run on Sunday. This should put me over 60 miles for the week.

Whenever I am asked for advice (it's only happened once or twice) -- (that there would be a great Dr. Seuss line) about adding volume, I tell beginning runners not to increase their mileage too quickly, build a solid base and only increase total mileage by about 10% per week. This is the conventional wisdom, but sometimes conventional wisdom needs to be ignored, or at least adjusted.

One of the benefits of having a coach is that I am able to shift the responsibility for what I can and cannot do to them. I know this sounds irresponsible, but really, that is part of what I pay for, to determine my current level of fitness and create appropriate workouts based on that determination.

Every Monday I anxiously await the email detailing my week's workouts, and when this week's came, I was more excited about the challenge than worried about whether I could do the volume. I actually didn't doubt that I could handle the volume, and I'll gladly pay for that confidence.

Earlier this year I wrote about not setting resolutions, and just running for fun, and keeping up a level of fitness that would allow me to take advantage of opportunities that came up. I've always wanted to do a team relay race. The idea of running with a group for a common goal really appeals to me, so when Jess emailed saying they had an opening on the Sketcher's team for Ragnar Relay in a couple of weeks, I couldn't resist. We are running from Huntington Beach to Coronado, and it looks like I'll be running legs 1, 13, and 25. Three pretty easy legs of about 5 miles each. The challenge is going to be running after sitting in a van for 5 or so hours with a limited amount of sleep. Well, that and dealing with my own stink.

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