Saying F It

My mom (who was recently featured on Yahoo! Finance) does a lot of public speaking and one of the themes she constantly returns to is "Say Yes."  I think the movie "Yes Man" owes her some kind of royalty because she was teaching that way before that movie came out, but unfortunately not when I was a teenager.  I have taken this motto to heart, but instead of saying yes, I say "F it" (and since my Grandma reads this blog, the abbreviation will have to do).  In the spirit of saying "F it," I took a bet during football season and when the Chargers lost to the Steelers, I lost my dignity and since I promised to post a sexytime picture of me in the bet-losing hot pink belly baring baby-T last week, here is,

That's me with friends Vince and Adam (who didn't lose a bet...he really IS an Orioles fan)

Not at all related to this post, but the kid's shirt is awesome

It was a great game with the Padres winning in walk-off style.  That shot was taken the night and a bunch of beers, chicken wings, and nachos before the mud run, but that's pretty much the best way to prepare for a mud run.

I was asked to join a group for the Camp Pendleton Mud Run and again I said "F it" and joined the team.  We ended up taking first place which was a pretty awesome experience.  This was my fourth mud run and it is one of my favorite races, and not just because of the huge co-ed post-race showers.  The race is lined with Marines yelling at you (I guess for some this is motivating) as you climb walls and jump into pools of mudsludgesewagey goodness while trying to keep your mouth closed as the mud splatters and drenches your clothes and shoes, weighing you down as you try to run up Suicide Hill, climb through tunnels, up the steep Slippery Hill as a firehose sprays you, trying to force you back to the bottom, swimming through a lake that washes most of the mud off only to have to crawl through a final mud pit on hands and knees.  Our team was the Dirty Vikings because two of our team members are Swedish, and here is a picture of us at the awards ceremony (thanks to some creative Photoshopping, we are all wearing Viking helmets).

The Dirty Vikings in all their glory

Not all of these posts have a moral, but I guess this one does: sometimes it pays to say "F it" and sometimes it doesn't.

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